The Jyväskylä 2020 rally canceled. Let's get back to that in 2021!

a premium-standard VIP event

We offer a premium-standard VIP event in one package which combines every perfect rally day ingredient.

The VIP area is located in one of the most legendary place of all times – Kakaristo Special Stage. The rally can be watched directly from the stands close to the special stage. Tommi Mäkinen’s famous jump is also situated only a short walk away. Bus transport is arranged close to the VIP area, so it is unnecessary to walk long distances. Due to dry ground, your shoes will stay neat and in good shape under all kinds of weather conditions.

VIP Kankkunen:

  • one of the world’s best (if not the best!) Special Stage
  • a fantastic viewing location in a beautiful rural milieu
  • transportation close to the VIP area
  • excellent food, beverage and other services
  • and a wonderful rally atmosphere!

Food and beverages are served in a barn rich with atmosphere, situated in a splendid rural milieu close to the Special Stage.

Our excellent-quality, highly praised dining service begins with a breakfast of cold and hot dishes. Lunch is served from a buffet table featuring, for instance, salads and fish. In addition, our cook fries up top-quality Finnish tenderloin steaks in a manner that has already become our trademark, in accordance with your preference for doneness.

Reservations and inquiries:

Timo Kankkunen +358 400 645 955

Riikka Kankkunen +358 40 721 7835